"In Lieu Of You" Pet Guardians

In Home Pet Care Service




Helen with  Tequila (cat) and with Nelson


Services Provided and Rates


Initial Consultation or the "Meet and Greet":

Up to 45 minutes, Free

This is the meet and greet portion of “In Lieu of You” Pet Guardians. Helen will come and meet you and your pets and go over the plan for care while you are away. Key exchange and paperwork.  A second Meet and Greet may be needed if there is significant pet care changes or a long lapse of time between reservations $15.00


Full Care Pet Visits: 

$20.00 per visit

This includes feeding; watering; playing; walking; cleaning bowls; administering any medication, vitamins; brushing/combing; scooping kitty litter; disposing kitty litter; cleaning/sanitizing any "accidents"; and any other pet clean up. Also household care such as watering plants, getting mail, rotating lights or other duties.

Dogs may need 2 or more visits per day.  Indoor cats may need only one!


Extended Full Care Visits

$35.00 per Visit

Same as a regular Pet visit but longer...60 minutes. This may include a trip to a dog park or walking trail to provide dogs with a new stimulating environment. 1 to 2 pets.

 Multiple Day visits: 

$14.00 a visit combined with other daily visits, 15 minutes

This is the third or fourth visit fee for a pet that needs multiple visits per day.

This appointment may be a quick mid-day break, or a time to check on bandages, to give a pill or the weather changes and you want the dogs inside. This appointment is for current customers only. 


Dog Walking

During the week it is beneficial for dogs to get a mid-day run or walk when they are left at home. This prevent "accidents", reduces anxiety, chewing, and bored mischief as well as being healthy for your dog.

Monday through Friday Dog Walks  $18.  up to 30 minute appointment.


Additional Pets:

In addition to dogs and cats, Helen has cared for many different types of pets ranging from parrots, fish, and guinea pigs.  So if you have more than one pet the add on fee ranges from $2.00 to $10.00 per day.



There may be an additional fee of $5. for medication administration depending on the situation. 



An additional fee of $5.00 per visit is added for the following holidays:

Easter Saturday and Sunday,  Memorial Day Weekend (Saturday, Sunday, Monday), 4th of July (July 4, 5, 6), Labor Day (Saturday, Sunday, Monday), Thanksgiving week, and December 23 through January 2.


Other Services or Fees:

Late scheduling; a $5.00 fee will be added to appointments changed or added within 24 hours of services rendered.

Pet taxi to vet, groomers appointments; pick up pet foods while you are away; and other pet errands. Fee quoted upon request. Beginning Fee is $30. limited availability

 After each visit, a progress report will be emailed, texted, or messaged after each visit.

Free newspaper pick up, packages put inside and garbage taken out and in.

Free email photos of your pets sent to you while you are away!

Feel free to leave a message for your pet on my cell phone and Helen will play it for your pet.